What are the deliveries to IKEA?

  1. One of the oldest enterprises in St. Petersburg, Lenraumemebel, established in the late 1980s based...

One of the oldest enterprises in St. Petersburg, Lenraumemebel, established in the late 1980s based on Finnish capital, seems to be leaving the market. Market participants believe that the financial problems of "Lenraumemebel" have arisen, in particular, because of the partnership with IKEA.

According to market participants , 90–95% of the furniture produced by Lenraumemebel was supplied to the Swedish concern IKEA. Therefore, they are inclined to think that it was precisely possible disagreements with IKEA that could have caused the suspension of the work of the factory.

IKEA does not comment on supplier relationships, citing trade secrets.

"All enterprises that once worked with IKEA are eventually closed down," says the CEO of First Furniture Factory CJSC. Alexander Shestakov . “No one has been able to earn money with IKEA."

“Nothing remains for development ,” agrees the managing director of Sevzpmebel Elena Khlopin . “As far as I know, the situation for companies working for IKEA is deplorable."

General Director of the Association of woodworkers and furniture makers of the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg Mikhail Pilzer remembers cases when companies increased the production of furniture for IKEA, but the Swedish side broke off relations with them.


According to Alexander Shestakov , he has already been offered to purchase part of Lenraumemebel’s equipment. Whether the production of Lenraumamebel will be restored is still unknown. A source close to the leadership of Lenraumemebel, says that part of the production will be transferred to another site.

Suppliers of the company complain that since November 5, they can not contact the leadership of "Lenraumamebel". Office phone is transferred to the guard, who does not give any contact managers.

“All of them disappeared overnight, as in the dashing nineties,” the company's production manager was outraged. "Technoplast" Yevgeny Rolle.

In addition to suppliers, the company has other lenders. Thus, OJSC Swedbank filed a lawsuit with the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg for the recovery of credit indebtedness from ZAO Lenraumemebel and its related companies.

Former employees of Lenraumemebel said that on November 3, they were offered to sign orders for dismissal by agreement of the parties. According to them, about 100 people worked at the factory, some employees were reduced in May of this year. The former employees of Lenraumemebel were told that the checkpoint would work only until November 16, then another tenant would occupy the factory’s premises.

The owners of JSC "Lenraumemebel" are unknown for certain. According to SPARK, these are three physical persons: Maxim Gusev, Konstantin Novosardov and Marina Kozyreva. Marina Kozyreva told DP that she has not been the owner of the company for a long time and does not know who owns it now.

A representative of the company "Rauma Group" said that "Lenraumemebel" is included in their structure. However, Olga Orlova, financial director of Rauma Group, said that she could not yet comment. The main owner of Rauma Group, according to SPARK, is the Swedish Gothengen AB. Contact the company failed.

An anonymous source familiar with the situation in JSC "Lenraumemebel", said that all managers are now abroad. According to SPARK, the company's revenue in 2008 amounted to almost 363 million rubles.

Whether the owners of Lenraumemebel have sold the factory or intend to lease it is unknown. It was built in St. Petersburg in the late 1980s. Earlier, the former CEO of the factory, Yuri Altukhov, told the media that the IKEA specialists had designed it. According to him, the Swedes thought to infiltrate the Russian market through St. Petersburg, but did not work out. He said that the volume of investment in the project initially amounted to $ 55 million.

Eight – ten years ago, Lenraumebel was one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the North-West region, market participants recall. Its main focus has always been the production of furniture for export, but the company also sold products on the Russian market. In recent years, Lenraumemebel’s production volumes have been reduced, market participants say. However, SPARK data show the opposite trend - at least since 2003, this figure has grown.

Lenraumamebel produced pine furniture (desks, wardrobes, beds, shelves, etc.), which, apparently, was supplied by IKEA.

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